Course Overview

The Leadership level of the PeopleCert DevOps qualifications scheme is aimed at anyone who is managing a DevOps team or aspiring to lead a cultural shift towards DevOps practices.

Candidates will learn the concepts, terms, principles and tools used by DevOps Leadership to approach, validate and sustain a DevOps transformation. During the course, candidates will examine how the full-stack approach can be engaged and implemented within the organisation, why DevOps Leadership is needed in modern enterprises, and how it can be aligned to business value delivery

  • Introduction to DevOps Leadership
  • Clarifying & Aligning the DevOps Transformation to Value Delivery
  • Planning & Approaching the DevOps Transformation
  • Engaging & Implementing the DevOps Full Stack
  • Validating Results & Sustaining the DevOps Transformation

  • What is leadership and what is leadership for DevOps
  • How to lead an organisation through a DevOps transformation
  • Establish the need for urgency for DevOps
  • Clarify & align business objectives
  • Create a vision and strategy for transformation
  • Identify and influence the vital stakeholders
  • Lead a culture of self-organised, cross-functional teams
  • Gather, broadcast and Implement feedback
  • Enable flow across the value stream
  • Break work into iterations to accelerate learning and experimentation
  • Lead for continuous delivery
  • Lead a culture of continual improvement
  • Lead for innovation
  • Improve organisational resilience & sustainability

PeopleCert DevOps Qualifications are designed for professionals in

  • Software or Applications Development,
  • IT Operations,
  • IT Service Management,
  •   Business analysts,
  • Project and Product Managers, and
  • Anyone aspiring to gain knowledge of DevOps principles.

Should hold PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals certificate

Exam Type – 20 multiple choice questions carrying 1 mark each

Duration – 60 Minutes

Supervised – Yes

Passing Score – 70% (14 marks out of 20)

Delivery – Paper based or Online

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