Course Overview

Simply put, a Release Train Engineer (RTE) or the SAFe® release train engineer is a servant leader and instructor for the Agile Release Train (ART). The responsibilities include coordinating, assisting, and mentoring teams according to Lean/Agile concepts. The trains cannot operate and drive themselves despite having self-managing and organizing teams. Here the RTE’s role, as a servant leader, is most effective. They know how to scale Lean and Agile principles and are aware of the specific opportunities and difficulties that come with supporting and synchronizing a large development program.

  • Members of the agile release train, such as scrum masters, agile team members, and business owners, should know the lean-agile mentality and techniques
  • Assist the product manager in getting ready for PI. Help teams with feature estimation and the aggregation of estimates for larger pieces of work like capabilities and epics by planning and ensuring the vision, roadmap, and program backlogs are ready
  • Using the agile release train, they must improve the flow of work
  • Assist in the management of risks, dependencies, and roadblocks
  • Promote Devops principles inside the organization to aid in the design and continuous enhancement of a continuous delivery pipeline

  • How to lead ARTs and large solutions in a SAFe organization
  • How to apply Lean-Agile knowledge and tools to release value
  • How to foster relentless improvement
  • How to build a high-performing ART by becoming a servant leader and coach

SPCs, Scrum Masters, Solution Train Engineers, Agile coaches,Program Managers, Project Managers

  • There are no prerequisites to attend the course 
  • A familiarity with Agile principles and practices is recommended 
  • A previous certification in a SAFe course will be an advantage 
  • Prior experience on a SAFe team will be an advantage 

  • Duration
    120 minutes
  • Number of questions
  • Passing score
    45/60 (75%)

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