Course Overview

The Foundation Level qualification is aimed at professionals who need to demonstrate practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts of software testing. This includes people in roles such as test designers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and IT Professionals.

  1. Fundamentals of Testing
    • Why is Testing Necessary
    • What is Testing
    • Seven Testing Principles
    • Fundamentals Test Process
    • The Psychology of Testing
    • Code of Ethics
  2. Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle
    • Software Development Models
    • Test Levels
    • Test Types
    • Maintenance Testing
  3. Static Techniques
    • Static Techniques and the Test Process
    • Review Process
    • Static Analysis by Tools
  4. Test Design Techniques
    • The Test Development Process
    • Categories of Test Design Techniques
    • Specification-based or Black-box Techniques
    • Structure-based or White-box Techniques
    • Experience-based Techniques
    • Choosing Test Techniques
  5. Test Management
    • Test Organization
    • Test Planning and Estimation
    • Test Progress Monitoring and Control
    • Configuration Management
    • Risk and Testing
    • Incident Management
  6. Tool Support for Testing
    • Types of Test Tools
    • Effective use of Tools: Potential Benefits and Risks
    • Introducing a Tool into an Organization

  • Your company’s return on investment (ROI) for Software Tester Certification is outstanding.
  • It could reduce costs without cutting jobs.
  • Your testers may become more efficient because they have clear testing terms and standards.
  • You will have a clear path, which will help to retain them.
  • You will have the peace of mind knowing that your team has the knowledge and skills for practical day-to-day testing.
  • Greater efficiency and speed, lower insurance costs and fewer software defects.

  • The Certified Software Tester – Foundation Level certification is aimed at anyone involved in software testing and includes people in roles such as testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and software developers.
  • It is also appropriate for anyone who wants a basic understanding of software testing, such as project managers, quality managers, software development managers, business analysts, IT directors and management consultants.
  • Holders of the Foundation Level Certificate will be able to go on to a higher level software testing (Intermediate and Advanced) certification.


  • Number of Questions: 40
  • Exam Format: Multiple choice questions
  • Duration of Exam: 60 minutes
  • Passing Score: 65% (26 out of 40)
  • Mode of Exam: Closed book
  • No electornic devices are permitted

Note – This certificate does not expire or require renewal.

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